My Projects

Eternal Flopnation – Programmer – Autumn to Summer 2016

Fusion Galaxy – Lead Programmer – Summer 2015

Crafting Life

ESCAPE – Lead Programmer & Pixel Artist – Spring 2014

  • Escape was a third year team project.
  • It was a 2D-side scroller, hack and slash, jumping game.
  • In the game you could play as 2 characters, a ranger or a tank. The ranger was agile and swift, where as the tank was blunt and heavy hitting.
  • The level design features maps created to test the player when using either character.
  • The game is made in Unity 5 with MonoDevelop (C#) with Aseprite for pixel art.
  • Download here


Boxman Battles – Programmer & Designer – Summer 2013

  • Boxman Battles is a 2D game where there are opposing towers that spawn minions (Boxmen) who march to their enemies tower, when they come across an enemy Boxman they draw sword and fight!
  • Your mission is to take control of a single Boxman and lead them to the enemy base to capture the crystal atop their tower! Boxman Battles is a 2D side-view hack and slash game, its unique feature is the ability to take control of any of your Boxmen.
  • Boxman Battles was a project I did by myself over a Summer before starting my third year of college. I made the game in Unity and programmed in MonoDevelop (C#) and I created the pixel art in Aseprite.
  • Download here

Boxman BattlesOther Games:

Simon – A digital take on the classic electronic memory game Simon, made in javascript and html5 as a mobile game.

Asteroid-esque – An asteroid-esque game where a mothership circled the screen and spawned enemy’s that flew into your spaceship, top down spaceship shooter and obstacle avoidance game. Made in Unity (C#).

Dappie Bird – A flappy bird clone made in a day using self created art. Made in Unity (C#).

Texas Hold ‘Em – A digital version of poker. Made in jgrasp (Java).


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